Managing the people as the valuable assets.
The most successful organization, recognized the values of people and cultivates the power of people as true assets. A good HR system helps the organization to manage the information about the people, which in turn used to make valuation of people. In order to achieve the goal, the system generates massive data of information. So good, efficient working tools are required to manage the tasks.

T.FAT Payroll is a very powerful tool. It is a well planned and designed software, which manages the employees personal and employment details, in a very logical and effective way. So as to generate comprehensive and qualitative information, which enables the employers to get accurate reporting and analysis for their planning and decision-making. T.FAT-HR is a true 32-bit object oriented software and makes the maximum use of the latest technology. The design makes it practically future proof against software upgrades. It is modular structure gives the users a wide choice among different modules and options.

Salient features of T.FAT Payroll

  • Employee Management
  • Candidate Recruitment Process
  • Training Management
  • Accidents and injuries.
  • Employee Assets management
  • Loans, Benefits & Compensations
  • Leave Management
  • Time Management
  • Travel & Incentives
  • Payroll (Monthly, Daily, Hourly, OT