T.FAT School Management

T.FAT School Management

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Our mission is to make it simple and inexpensive for any institute to have a state-of-the-art IDcard program - without proprietary software, local systems or dedicated staff.

Our Belief: Increased communications is the key to building healthy relations. The school management is always on the lookout to enhance their relations with the parents of children they teach. We build solutions that help enhance the relationships. Regular Updates from the school regarding the progress of the child, announcements about forthcoming events, Emergency communications regarding special holidays are some of the examples of enhanced link building that schools do.

We help by enabling the schools to reach out to the community using easy and friendly software that broadcast or uni-cast messages via short Messaging Services [SMS] or Electronic mail [email].

Healthy inter-personal relations between the school and parents bring in more comfort and builds emotional quotient. Regular feedback from parents and schools helps us upgrade our service and product offerings.

The Suchan Edge: Modules
  • Card creation: The artwork, after approval from the school management is then sent for printing, personalisation and encoding.
  • Ongoing Time-office management: Once the personalised cards are issued to students, RFID readers at the main gates register the regular attendance of the students. The software system then automatically looks-up the parents mobile numbers for transmitting the message of arrival at school. The summary of attendance is then sent to the designated class-teacher for information. The monthly/quarterly/annual attendance reporting can be derived on demand from any computer within the school. 
  • Library Management: The same cards can be re-utilised for issue of books and return of books by students from the school library. The relevant software are available as an add-on service and can be activated anytime once the basics are in place.
  • Cafeteria Management: The same cards can be re-utilised for mid-day meal plans or on a pre-paid basis within the school cafeteria. The relevant software are available as an add-on service and can be activated anytime once the basics are in place.

    RIS systems and services can be configured to support a wide range of specialized applications for IDcards including loyalty cards, meal plan cards, Library management and other special purpose card applications. 
  • Lost Card replacement: Just in case a card gets lost, a duplicate can be made available against payment of standard fees. The student would be given minimal services until the duplicate gets issued.
  • Renewal and database updation for next level classes: Every year, the child progresses from one level to the next one. The school can update the software with exam results for easy transmission to the respective parents. The records of the child are also visible based on various periods such as monthly, quarterly or annually.
Who can Use
  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Private Classes/Tutions