T.FAT Transport

T.FAT Transport

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In the present dynamic business environment where forming a business is easy but to stay in the business has become equally difficult. In the current scenario where number of players running the same line of business, fight in desperation to attain market leadership. Managements aspire to scale new heights. It needs to attain a dynamic approach to be fiercely competitive in a market driven environment.

While you may know the practicalities and fundamentals of your business than we can ever hope to. We are very well capable to automate your business process as per your way of working style. Our Products are designed considering the intricacies of any business enterprises with discussion from top-level mangers to the ultimate end-users.

A Logistics operation is a complex structure of taxation, regulations, commercial aspects and day to day documentation challenges. It really needs in-depth domain knowledge and expertise to handle the challenges. All this is eased with the use of right technology and tools.

The Transport Management system is built keeping in mind the intricacies of today's business models. is the answer to all your technology problems and needs, which caters to all the modules of a logistic industry. focuses on delivering real business benefits to the users, with statutory and commercial document automation.

Multi-tier Architecture

The operates using the client-server principles applied through out the system, at different levels. It is highly modular in structure, so the modes of interaction among various clients and servers may be controlled. The dedicated servers may be linked by communication networks and perform certain tasks without losing the integrity of the data and processes of the central system networks. The open system architecture allows the portability of applications, data and user interfaces by following the international standards.

The Suchan Edge: Modules
  • Logistics
  • Financial
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Diesel(Fuel) Management System
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • HR / Payroll Management
  • Document Manager
  • Report Manager
  • Data Connectivity & Centralization
  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Who can Use
  • Transporters
  • Logistics
  • Fleet Owners